Partnering with Utilities to Deliver Efficiency Programs

Efficiency Services Group works with electric and gas utilities, municipal governments, electric cooperatives and public utility districts.

Who We Are

When you choose Efficiency Services Group as your energy services partner, you gain a true extension of your energy services staff. We bring a variety of skill sets to the table, field technicians, reporting specialists, customer service specialists.

Our professional staff helps provide field auditing and inspecting services, reporting, rebate processing, program design, direct install services, compliance and oversight.

About Our Team

For Our Utility Partners

We know you. We realize that as a utility you are wearing lots of hats. With Efficiency Services Group, you don’t have to. We wear all those efficiency hats for you.

Energy programs and services are a fantastic way to help your customers manage their energy use and build strong relationships.

“As a smaller utility with limited staff and resources, Efficiency Services Group makes life easier by alleviating the stress of making sure our programs are meeting our customers’ needs — while complying with state and federal mandates. With the ever-changing energy efficiency landscape, I trust that Efficiency Services Group will not let Lassen Municipal Utility District fall behind. Our customers love the special treatment they receive from the Efficiency Services Group staff.”

- Theresa Phillips, Lassen Municipal Utility District

“In the real utility world with limited staff, we are forced to do many things pretty average, instead of a few things very well. Investing in Efficiency Services Group to help coordinate my residential, commercial, and industrial incentive programs was the smartest thing I’ve done! They handle all of the details for these ever-changing programs, and help me run our programs extremely well.”

- Todd Munsey, Douglas Electric Cooperative

Your Challenge

Our rapidly changing industry is presenting many new challenges to utilities today, such as an aging and retiring workforce, staff turnover, outdated programs, declining loads, increased customer choice, We enjoy the challenge of finding creative solutions to the issues that utilities face.

How Can We Help?