ESG will manage your weatherization and energy audit program, or train your staff to perform those functions more efficiently. ESG conducts field audits and inspections using trained, certified technicians.

Program Compliance Audits & Inspections

ESG’s experienced field staff conducts on-site audits and inspections for residential and commercial utility customers to ensure compliance with program standards. This includes documentation of existing conditions and verification of energy efficiency improvements.

Snapshot Audits

We conduct snapshot audits for residential and commercial utility customers. Snapshot audits quickly and efficiently gather the most relevant customer and equipment data. These can be conducted as a stand-alone service, but are more effective when combined with Direct Install Measures (DIM) in customer homes and businesses.

ESG’s snapshot audits provide:

  • Direct (paperless) entry of DIM and snapshot audit data, including fuel types, equipment and building shell details.
  • Site-specific reports emailed to the customer, contractor and utility.
  • Demographic, customer home and business data.
  • Efficient upload of data to an online database.
  • Data export in a flexible CSV file format.

The residential snapshot audit module contains 85 data points and the commercial snapshot audit module contains 60 data points.

Gain valuable customer insights
Snapshot audits give participants hard data on a large sampling of customers at a low cost, compared to more traditional auditing services. They also give utilities the ability to identify specific energy efficiency upgrade opportunities for specific customers, and to efficiently market those opportunities to their customers.