Trust ESG to partner with you to provide energy efficiency programs and services to your customers.

We offer:

Program Design and Implementation

  • Program/process review – Not only can we review your existing programs and processes, we’ll make recommendations to maximize customer participation and satisfaction, and help your organization meet goals and objectives.
  • Program development – We have the experience to help utilities develop new programs and services.

Office Support

  • Budget allocation tracking – At ESG, we manage utility energy efficiency budgets.
  • Compliance – Our staff maintains documentation, and coordinates field and office oversight with any regional reporting entity.
  • Field support – ESG’s experts conduct audits and inspections using trained technicians for the residential and commercial utility sectors.
  • Reporting – We report eligible monthly and annual program activity to any mandated reporting agencies on behalf of your utility.
  • Program hotline – Our experts staff a toll-free hotline to answer customer and contractor inquiries. We are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST.

Program Management and Contractor Oversight

  • Custom projects/programs – We develop, manage and/or assist with custom projects/programs serving all customer sectors.
  • Third-party oversight – At ESG, we coordinate with third-party vendors who deliver utility services on behalf of the utility.

Policy and Compliance

  • We monitor regulatory issues to stay current with policies, practices, standards and opportunities.