ESG provides installation of Direct Install Measures (DIMs) in commercial or residential properties. ESG recommends the installation of low-cost, high-return measures that deliver instant energy savings. These also benefit the utility’s residential and commercial customers.

DIMs are cost effective and installed at no charge to customers. ESG’s Energy Efficiency Advisors have the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver quality direct install measures.

ESG has delivered DIMs for several utilities in the Northwest and California. These measures include installation of:

  • Solid-state (LED) lamps
  • LED signage
  • Advanced power strips
  • Web-enabled programmable thermostats
  • Aerators
  • High-efficiency showerheads
  • Thermostatic shower valves
  • Pre-rinse spray nozzles (for commercial application)

When paired with ESG’s snapshot audits, utilities gain valuable customer data to strengthen growth forecasts, better manage load and design future program offerings.

Direct Install Services