Direct Install Programs provide a great experience with instant benefits to your customers. Efficiency Services Group (ESG) has been providing effective Direct Install Programs to residential and commercial customers for over a decade. These programs can offer the installation of low-cost, high-return measures at no cost to the customer. This typically results in a high participation rate and high-impact programs. It is also a great way to serve tenants or customers that do not have the capital to invest in more expensive energy efficiency improvements.

What’s Really in Your Customer’s Homes & Businesses?

Ever wonder what your true fuel penetration rates are, if your customers have energy-efficient appliances, or how many TVs your customers have? When you offer a Direct Install Program to your customers, ESG’s Energy Efficiency Advisors can perform a “snapshot audit” while installing their measures. This can provide you with valuable customer data that can be helpful to strengthen growth forecasts, better manage load, and design future program offerings.